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$ 60 / private lesson


We start lessons for children or adults who are interested in horses, but have little or no experience. Learning the basics of how to use your body on a horse and how to communicate with the horse are the beginning of a journey that can provide a lifetime of pleasure and activity.

Riders who have experience or even well established skills can be evaluated and offered unique insight into how to balance on a horse, how to facilitate the most out of a horse and how to progress the rider and horse to new levels of performance.  

Advanced riders are taught the finer nuances of their discipline and how to refine their skills and communication with the horse. This allows the advanced rider to compete at increasing levels of difficulty and to consistently improve their skills.



The lesson program at Cedarwood Equine strives to offer a safe and fun activity geared toward every rider's interests and goals, including horseback riding and driving.  Beginning, intermediate and advanced horsemanship skills are taught including basic horse care and maintenance.


Experienced instructors offer quality horses and excellent customer service while remaining afforadable. We strive to offer a welcoming environment that is both horse safe and family friendly. We feel students learn better with our relaxed atmosphere and positive teaching methods.


People of all ages, disciplines and breeds are welcome. We emphasize the relationship between horse and rider, teaching how and why things are done to accomplish the clearest communication between the two while treating the horse respectfully. Our program has an Occupational Therapist who can assess and improve proper body positioning and balance issues that a rider must master in order to achieve the ability to ultimately balance a horse properly. 


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